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Bring the rainforest directly to your home!
This bundle contains everything you need for your first Baiosphere jungle experience. Be inspired by the tropical plants and create impressive mountain formations. Our little extra for you: the bundle contains a scaping manual including a video tutorial – so nothing can go wrong!

  • Baiosphere Mini – minimized to the essentials with maximum quality.
  • New! High quality lid made entirely of aluminum.
  • Rainforest scaping kit with stunning tropical plants, beautiful hardscape and healthy soil.
  • Scaping manual incl. video tutorial.


Design your own, glowing piece of nature and bring the rainforest directly into your home!
The new Baiosphere Mini full-spectrum light made entirely of aluminum is not only a real eye-catcher in your interior, but also provides the plants in your biotope with sufficient light for healthy growth.

The integrated ventilation slots create an optimal microclimate and can be opened or closed as you need. Freshly watered? Open the ventilation slits to prevent fogged glass. Going on vacation? Close the vents to keep your biotope fresh until you return home.

Our little extra: with our lovingly designed manual, we guide you from the first planting to the maintenance of your biotope with helpful tips and informative video tutorials.



delivery contents:


  • Baiosphere teardrop (glas container)
  • Baiosphere sunlight (lid)
  • Cable USB (length 2m) with on/off switch
  • 21-page Customer Manual (English & German, with helpful information on first use, design and maintenance of the Baiosphere and many inspiring design photos)


  • Sword Fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia duffy)
  • White Fittonia (fittonia verschaffeltii)
  • Tillandsia tenuifolia
  • Tillandsia ionantha rubra
  • Tillandsia neglecta
  • Climbing fig shoot (Ficus pumila)
  • Ø 8cm In-vitro bowl Rainmoss (Vesicularia montagnei)


  • Amazonas Rock L (11-14cm)
  • Amazonas Rock M (9-11cm)
  • Amazonas Rock S (7-9cm)
  • Driftwood (12-18cm)


  • ~0,75l bag Rainforest Soil (perfect amount for your Baiosphere)
  • ~130g bag clay pebbles (perfect amount for your Baiosphere)

Please note: All our stones, woods and plants were created by no one less than Mother Nature. So the pictures are just examples – but don’t worry, you can trust us to put together a fantastic Kit for you 🙂



Technical Information:


  • Height: ~260 mm / ~10,23 in
  • Width/Depth: ~175 mm / ~6,89 in
  • Volume: 3,5L

Baiosphere Sunlight:

  • New lid design made entirely of aluminium
  • Wattage: 3,2W
  • Power Supply: 5V / 2A
  • Light Temperature: 7500-8500K
  • Light Intensity: 175 Lumens
  • Light Spectrum: Full-Spectrum

Baiosphere Teardrop:

  • Material: glass, handmade


2 years from date of purchase

Additional information

baiosphere color

Black, Rose Gold, Matt Silver


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