baiosphere tube mini black


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Say hello to Tube Mini – minimized to the essence, great as ever. Perfect for your first Baiosphere experience.

A lamp with an almost self-sustaining ecosystem that will find a place virtually anywhere in your home. A green thumb? You don’t need one.

The daylight white full-spectrum LEDs act as a small sun, providing plants with enough light for healthy, vital growth.

Combined with the adjustable air vents, this ensures an optimal microclimate in your biotope. Fogging of the panes becomes impossible – even with the densest jungle vegatation.

This is how you discover something new in your Baiosphere every day.

We guide you from first planting to the easy care: with our lovingly designed booklet including video tutorial. Ready when you are.


baiosphere tube mini


The Baiosphere – a crystal clear atmosphere for your self-designed, glowing piece of nature. For instance, you can bring the rainforest directly into your home, pretty simply and easy to maintain. Why? The adjustable ventilation slots and the full spectrum LEDs guarantee a perfect microclimate in which plants thrive optimally.

Additional Information:


  • Height: ~295 mm / ~11,61 in
  • Width/Depth: ~ 152 mm / ~5,98 in

Baiosphere Sunlight:

  • New lid design made entirely of aluminium
  • Wattage: 5,5W
  • Power Supply: 5V / 2A
  • Light Temperature: 7500-8500K
  • Light Intensity: 350 Lumens
  • Light Spectrum: Vollspektrum

Baiosphere Tube:

  • Material: glass, handmade


Delivery contents:

Baiosphere Tube

  • made of glass, handmade

Baiosphere Sunlight

  • full-spectrum LED-Light with adjustable air vents

Cable USB (length 2m) with on/off switch

21-page Customer Manual (English & German, with helpful information on first use, design and maintenance of the Baiosphere and many inspiring design photos)


2 years from date of purchase


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