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Scaping with a touch of luxury – the 5-piece set Scapingtool in precious gold.

Each tool has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail and then subjected to a special plasma oxidation, the queen among coatings, to achieve a unique and high-quality finish. The gold tool is not only shiny and chic, but also ultra-rugged. It looks like a piece of jewelry, but we assure you, it’s definitely made for precision scaping. Placing moss with millimeter precision?

No problem! Accurately trim back plants? Easy peasy!


With the Scaping Scissors in royal gold you can easily bring your plants into shape and let them bloom perfectly.

The two curved tweezers glide smoothly through your biotope and allow you to position every leaf and stem with precision.

The straight tweezers are your versatile companion for everyday care and fine work.

And when it comes to adding stunning texture to your plant biotope, our Terrascaper in Gold is your secret weapon. Whether you’re an experienced scaper or a novice in the field, our set of 5 scaping tools in refined gold will inspire and delight you.

Each tool has its own function:

1. Terrascaper

For even spreading and compacting of soil.


2. Straight tweezers

To clean, to put in, to put out, simply for all sorts of things.


3. Curved tweezers

To reach the deepest corners of your Baiosphere.


4. Thick tweezers

To safely move heavy Hardscape or plants.


5. Scissors

For easy trimming of your plants.

Measurements: Length: ~315 mm / ~12,40 in

*Including case in leather look for safe storage ūüôā

Watch our Scapingtools in action:


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