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Myyy treasure… Every single leaf of the rare jewel orchid sparkles like thousands and thousands of shining diamonds. The warm and humid microclimate in the Baiosphere is exactly what this exotic plant needs. This kit contains everything you need to create the perfect habitat for the jewel orchid in your Baiosphere Original. The loose soil mixture let it grow and thrive as in its natural habitat. A sword fern and two tillandsias keep her company in this idyllic little biotope surrounded by beautiful petrified wood. An additional bowl of fine bark mulch serves as natural ground cover.


included in delivery:


Macodes Petola (Jewel Orchid)

Sword Fern

Tillandsia Neglecta

Tillandsia Tricolor



Wood Rock L (11 – 14 cm)

Wood Rock M (9 – 11 cm)

Wood Rock S (7 – 9 cm)



~0,75l Bag Orchid Soil (perfect amount for your Baiosphere Original)

~0,3l bag clay pebbles (perfect amount for your Baiosphere Original)

Small bowl of fine bark mulch as ground cover


Please note

All our stones, woods and plants were created by no one less than Mother Nature. So the picture is just an example – but don’t worry, you can trust us to put together a fantastic kit for you 🙂


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