tillandsia kit for xl


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included in delivery:


Tillandsia ionantha ionantha rosea

2x Tillandsia bergeri

Tillandsia seideliana

Tillandsia tenuifolia minima Pulk

Tillandsia espinosae (Vriesea)

Tillandsia andreana

Tillandsia andreana (small)

2x Tillandsia funckiana

Tillandsia neglecta rubra



3x Amazonas Rock M (9 – 11 cm)

2x Driftwood (12 – 18cm)

1x Driftwood (18-24cm)



~1,3l Bag Fine Bark Mulch (perfect amount for your Baiosphere XL or TUBE)

~0,6l Bag Clay Pebble Drainage (perfect amount for your Baiosphere XL or TUBE)


Please note

All our stones, woods and plants were created by no one less than Mother Nature. So the picture is just an example – but don’t worry, you can trust us to put together a fantastic kit for you 🙂


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